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Troubleshooting launch issues with BlueSky Statistics v10

Troubleshooting launch issues with BlueSky Statistics v10
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Troubleshooting launch issues with BlueSky Statistics v10

Note: This technotes applies to BlueSky Statistics 10 ONLY. Please make sure you are running the setup for BlueSky Statistics 10.


  1. When you install a new version of BlueSky Statistics the application does not launch or dialogs don't run as errors saying libraries cannot be loaded are displayed


  1. One of the reasons is the BlueSky Statistics files in the roaming directory have become corrupted. To do this you need to delete the BlueSky Statistics folder in the roaming directory. Follow the steps below

a. Note changes to your application configuration if you have changed it: If you have changed your configuration settings, go to the main application, click on Triple Dot >Settings and note the settings you have changed. You will have to reapply these manually.

b. Close the BlueSky Statistics application

c. Open windows explorer

d. In the file path section, clear the existing path and type in %appdata% and press Enter key to browse to the location.

e. Look for the BlueSky Statistics folder

f. Delete the BlueSky Statistics folder

g. Relaunch the application

2. Another reason is you have installed R packages with an older version of BlueSky Statistics which is conflicting with the R packages we ship in the new version of BlueSky Statistics. Follow the steps below

  1. Launch the BlueSky Statistics application

  2. Run the command .libPaths()

c. Note the 1st path

d. Browse to the path in Windows explorer and delete the contents of that path

3. If the BlueSky Statistics application still does not launch after performing the steps above

a. Open Windows Explorer. Go to the install location (default is: Windows Drive letter\Program Files\BlueSky Statistics).

b. Locate following path inside your install location. 10\resources\package\R-4.1.2\bin c. From this location double click and launch RGui.exe

d. In R Console window type .libPaths() command and press Enter.

e. Note the first path in the results of executing .libPaths(), above. Go to this location and delete the contents of that path.

f. Relaunch BlueSky Statistics application.

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