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Locating BlueSky Statistics logs on a Mac

Locating logs on a Mac
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Locating logs on a Mac

1. Launch the BlueSky Statistics application

2. On the top menu bar, look on the top right for the triple dots and click the triple dots

3. On the ribbon bar, below the triple dots, click Settings

4. The settings dialog will open

5. Under the section MISC, look for the setting "Use local file (Applied after application restart)" and check that option.

6. Restart the application

7. Now we need to access the path where temporary files are stored by following the instructions at

8. The high level steps are as below

a. Go to Applications

b. Under utilities, launch the terminal application

c. Once you are in the terminal application, type in "echo $TMPDIR"

d. Copy the path

e. Now Open the Finder application

f. Look for the top level Go > Go To Folder and paste the path in step 4 above

g. Look for the file application-yyyy-mm-dd.log where yyyy, mm and dd represent the current year, day and month

h. Send us the file

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