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Installing R package in BlueSky Statistics v10

Installing R package in BlueSky Statistics v10
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Installing R package in BlueSky Statistics v10

The R executable and packages that ship with BlueSky Statistics is located in the following parent folder by default

  • On Windows Drive Letter\Program Files\BlueSky Statistics\10\resources\package\R-4.1.3 -On Mac

You may have changed this, in that case the parent folder would be

  • On Windows Specified Path\BlueSky Statistics\10\resources\package\R-4.1.3 -On Mac

  1. If you are a local administrator on the machine, you have the ability to install packages in the Program Files folder.

  2. In this technote, we refer to the path of the R packages that are available with the BlueSky Statistics application in the BlueSky Statistics\10\resources\package\R-4.1.3 folder as the system path

  3. If you are not a local administrator, R packages get installed in the user library path

  4. By default, when BlueSky Statistics is loaded, we always load packages from the user library path and then the system library path

  5. If you want to install packages that are not available with BlueSky Statistics, follow the steps below

  6. Go to the triple dot > Install R Package(s) and enter one or more packages you want to install by separating the package names by commas

7. You will see the following dialog

8. Make sure that the personal R library path is selected, we do that by default, this ensures that if you are installing a later version of a package that we already provide, that version gets loaded and not the prior version that ships with BlueSky Statistics which is in the system library path.

Click run button (triangle button on top) to execute the dialog. This should install the R specified R packages in the selected library location.

9. If that does not work, follow the instructions below (10 thru 17) to install the package directly from R. 10. Close the BlueSky Statistics application 11. Go to the install location (default is: Windows Drive letter\Program Files\BlueSky Statistics). 12. Locate following path inside your install location. 10\resources\package\R-4.1.2\bin

13. From this location double click and launch RGui.exe

14. Once RGui opens, go to Packages > Install Package(s)…

15. You will see following screen, select closest mirror from the list.

16. Following list will appear, select the package you want to install. To select multiple packages keep Ctrl key pressed in Windows. And click OK to start installing the selected packages.

17. Once desired packages are successfully installed you see success messages on your RGUI console.

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