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Open Source Edition (Free)

Fully featured analytical workbench that provides :

  • An intuitive graphical user interface, attractive interactive output for hundreds of frequently used exploratory analysis, data preparation, visualization, basic and advanced modeling techniques including model scoring.
  • Automatic R syntax generation for hundreds of frequently used exploratory analysis, data preparation, visualization and modeling techniques.
  • R syntax editor that allows you to write and execute R code and see richly formatted output.
  • Save and share output in PDF, HTML.
  • Technical support is available via community forums.
License : AGPL 3.0

Commercial Edition (Annual and perpetual license, see pricing)

1. BlueSky Statistics Commercial Desktop:
The BlueSky Statistics Commercial Desktop provides all the capabilities of the open source edition plus:
  • Enterprise features including advanced statistical capabilities and features to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Fully supported with dedicated technical support contact
  • Prioritized bug fixes and feature requests
  • End user training
  • Training on the development framework for extensibility (custom dialogs)
  • Service Level Agreements for delivering application support and hot fixes for critical issues
2. BlueSky Statistics Commercial Server:
The BlueSky Statistics Commercial Server provides all the capabilities of the open source edition plus:
  • Support for Citrix and Terminal server
  • Access to priority support, 24 hr response time during business hours
  • Service Level Agreements for delivering application support and hot fixes for critical issues
  • Prioritized feature requests

Open Source
Commercial Edition
Run on terminal server

Install unlimited dialogs/extensions

Technical support

Enterprise features (Database and customization etc.)

Category Sub Category Description Open Source Commercial
Data Management Open Dataset IBM SPSS (*.sav)

Excel 2003

Excel 2007-2010

Comma separated (*.csv)


SAS (*.sas7bdat)


Txt (*.txt)

Load Data From R package

Database Connectivity MSSQL




Dataset Save formats IBM SPSS (*.sav)

Excel 2007-2010

Comma separated (*.CSV)


RObj (*.RData)

Data Preparation
Fully functional data grid

For Variables Binning


Compute, apply a function across all rows

Compute Dummy Variables

Conditional Compute

Conditional Compute, if-then

Conditional Compute, if-then-else

Compute with Switch

Concatenate multiple variabels

Convert to Factors

Date to Character

Character to Date


Delete variables

Factor Levels

-- Add New Levels

-- Display Levels

-- Drop Unused Levels

-- Label NA as 'Missing'

-- Lumping into 'Other'

-- Reorder by Occurence in Dataset

-- Reorder by One Other Variable

-- Reorder Levels Manually

-- Specify levels to keep or replace by 'Other'

Missing value analysis

-- Remove NAs

-- Numeric

-- Character/Factor

-- Model Imputation

-- Use A Formula

Rank variables





For Dataset Aggregate



Merge Datasets

Re-order variables alphabetically


-- Wider

-- Longer


-- Sample

-- Random Split

-- Stratified Split

-- Up Sample

-- Down Sample


-- Reorder Variables

-- Sort


Stack Datasets



-- Select Variables

-- Entire Dataset

Descriptive Statistics
Numerical summary analysis

Factor variable analysis



Summary by variable

Summary (group by multiple variables)

Numerical statistical analysis

Dataset Comparison

Dataset Description

Analysis Tables Basic


Analysis Missing Values Row Layout

Column Layout

Survival Analysis
Kaplan-Meier Estimation, compare groups

Kaplan-Meier Estimation, one group

Distribution, Continuous Beta Distribution Beta Probabilities

Beta Quantiles

Plot Beta Distribution

Sample from Beta Distribution

Cauchy Distribution Cauchy Probabilities

Cauchy Quantiles

Plot Cauchy Distribution

Sample from Cauchy Distribution

Chi-squared Distribution Chi-squared Probabilities

Chi-squared Quantiles

Plot Chi-squared Distribution

Sample from Chi-squared Distribution

Exponential Distribution Exponential Probabilities

Exponential Quantiles

Plot Exponential Quantiles

Sample from Exponential Distribution

F Distribution F Probabilities

F Quantiles

Plot F Distribution

Sample from F Distribution

Gamma Distribution Gamma Probabilities

Gamma Quantiles

Plot Gamma Distribution

Sample from Gamma Distribution

Gumbel Distribution Gumbel Probabilities

Gumbel Quantiles

Plot Gumbel Distribution

Sample from Gumbel Distribution

Logistic Distribution Logistic Probabilities

Logistic Quantiles

Plot Logistic Distribution

Sample from Logistic Distribution

Lognormal Distribution Lognormal Probabilities

Lognormal Quantiles

Plot Lognormal Distribution

Sample from Lognormal Distribution

Normal Distribution Normal Probabilities

Normal Quantiles

Plot Normal Distribution

Sample from Normal Distribution

t Distribution t Probabilities

t Quantiles

Plot t Distribution

Sample from t Distribution

Uniform Distribution Uniform Probabilities

Uniform Quantiles

Plot Uniform Distribution

Sample from Uniform Distribution

Weibull Distribution Weibull Probabilities

Weibull Quantiles

Plot Weibull Distribution

Sample from Weibull Distribution
Distribution, Discrete Binomial Distribution Binomial Probabilities

Binomial Quantiles

Binomial Tail Probabilities

Plot Binomial Distribution

Sample from Binomial Distribution

Geometric Distribution Geometric Probabilities

Geometric Quantiles

Geometric Tail Probabilities

Plot Geometric Distribution

Sample from Geometric Distribution

Hypergeometric Distribution Hypergeometric Probabilities

Hypergeometric Quantiles

Hypergeometric Tail Probabilities

Plot Hypergeometric Distribution

Sample from Hypergeometric Distribution

Negative Binomial Distribution Negative Binomial Probabilities

Negative Binomial Quantiles

Negative Binomial Tail Probabilities

Plot Negative Binomial Distribution

Sample from Negative Binomial Distribution

Poisson Distribution Poisson Probabilities

Poisson Quantiles

Poisson Tail Probabilities

Plot Poisson Distribution

Sample from Poisson Distribution

Graphics and Visualizations
Bar charts


Bulls Eye

Contour plot

2D Contour plot


Density plots

Frequency charts



Line charts


Pie charts

Plot of means

P-P plots

Q-Q plots


Stem and leaf plot

Strip chart

Two Y Axis

Violin plot

Statistical analysis
Correlation test

Shapiro-Wilk normality test

Compare means T-Test, Independent samples

T-Test, One samples

T-Test, Paired samples



ANOVA, 1 Way

ANOVA, 1 Way, Blocks

ANOVA, 1 Way, Random Blocks

ANOVA, 1 and 2 Way

ANOVA, Repeated Measures, Long

ANOVA, Repeated Measures, Wide


Proportion test Single sample proportion test

Single sample exact binomial proportion test

Two sample proportion test

Variance Two variance F-Test

Possessive Bartlett's test

Levene's test

Non-parametric test Chi-squared test

Friedman test

Kruskal-Wallis test

Wilcoxon test, independent samples

Wilcoxon test, One sample

Wilcoxon test, paired samples

Contingency tables Multiway crosstab

Two-way crosstab

Odds Ratios, M by 2 table

Relative Risks, M by 2 table

Agreement analysis
Bland-Altman Plot

Cohen's Kappa

Concordance Correlation Coefficient *

Concordance Correlation Coefficient, multiple raters *

Diagnostic Testing

Fleiss' Kappa

Intraclass Correlation Coefficients

Factor analysis
Principal component analysis

Factor analysis

Split datasets for analysis

Remove split

Split datastes for modeling
Random split

Stratified sampling

Contrasts Display

Contrasts Set

Linear modeling
Generalized linear models

Linear modeling

Linear regression

Linear Regression, multiple models

Logistic regression

Logistic Regression, conditional

Logistic Regression, multiple models

Multinomial Logit

Ordinal Regression

Quantile Regression

Summarizing models for each group
Model Fitting Cox Proportional Hazards Models Cox Multiple Models *

Cox Single Model

Cox With Formula
Model Fitting

Predict With KNN

Mixed Models
Mixed Models, basic

Tree algorithms
Decision trees

Random forest

Extreme Gradient Boosting



Neural Networks Multi-Layer Perceptron


Probabilistics classifiers
Naive Bayes

Hierarchical cluster

K-Means cluster

Automated Arima

Exponential smoothing

Holt-Winters, seasonal

Holt-Winters, Non-seasonal

Plot time series, Separate or Combined

Plot time series, With Correlations
Reliability Analysis

. .

Cronbach's alpha

McDonald's omega

Model tuning
Bootstrap resampling

K-fold cross validation

Leave one out cross validation

Repeated K-fold cross validation

Model statistics
Add Statistics To Dataset

ANOVA & Likelihood Ratio



Bonferroni outlier test

Compare Models

Compare N Models

Confidence interval

Hosmer-Lemeshow test


Pseudo R squared

Outlier Test

Plot a Model



-- Model Statistics

-- Parameter Estimates

-- Summarize A Model

-- Summarize N Model

Variance inflation factors

Model scoring
Pick a model

Score the selected model

Save model

Load model

Custom tables

Export to PDF

Export to Excel

Export to HTML

Export output table to MS-Word as APA table

Market basket
Generate rules

Item frequency

Targeting items

Display rules

Plot rules

Dialog utilities
Dialog inspector

Dialog installer

* This dialog can be installed in the Open Source edition using the dialog installer. A maximum of 5 dialogs can be installed in Open Source edition.