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Our Mission and Commitment to Data Science Community

BlueSky Statistics’ mission is to create feature-rich statistical and machine learning software with an easy-to-use graphical user interface that unleashes the power of R to the masses and levels the economic playing field for all users.

BlueSky Statistics is committed to developing, maintaining, and offering free and open-source versions along with the commercial versions to help academics, data scientists, and researchers around the globe solve critical issues that will have a lasting impact. The BlueSky Statistics version 7.x (i.e., the BlueSky .NET version for Windows) is fully open-sourced and licensed under AGPL 3.0. BlueSky Statistics .NET version was developed over ten years with countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars of R&D investment. Thousands of users worldwide use the BlueSky Statistics 7.x version for free. To continue catering to our user community's expanding needs, BlueSky Statistics has recently launched version 10 as our next-generation Statistics and Data Science application. It’s based on a completely new technology platform and a revamped user interface. Version 10.x is free for everyone today (no trial period, no term license). Additionally, we commit to always having a free version alongside our commercial (paid) versions to ensure everyone has access to statistics and data science regardless of their economic affordability.

As the BlueSky Statistics version 10 product evolves, we will continue to work on orchestrating the necessary logistics to make the BlueSky Statistics version 10.x application available as an open-source project. This will be done in phases, as we did for the BlueSky Statistics 7.x version. We are currently rearchitecting its key components to allow the broader community to make effective contributions. When this work is complete, we will open-source the components for broader community participation.

The commercial version of BlueSky Statistics offers technical support with additional enterprise-specific features and modules. The revenue from the commercial version plays a vital role in funding the R&D needed to continue to develop and support the open-source and free versions.

Who We Are

BlueSky Statistics LLC consists of a global team with headquarters in Chicago, IL, USA. Our team is passionate about working with customers/users to create compelling, intuitive, and feature-rich software. Both commercial and open-source editions of BlueSky Statistics are currently used by organizations across 130+ countries. The team has extensive experience working for startups and large multi-national organizations to build innovative enterprise software products. In addition, many team members have deep experience with commercial statistical software packages, including SPSS©, SAS©, JMP©, Minitab©, and others, and experience teaching statistical courses at prestigious universities worldwide. Check our BlueSky Statistics leadership team.

Your Help

We would greatly appreciate your help spreading the awareness of BlueSky Statistics by blogging, tweeting, posting on social media, mentioning the product to your colleagues, and reporting your BlueSky experience on our review page (click here).

Talk To Us

We are interested in talking to potential customers/users, technology partners, R trainers, and re-sellers. We also have openings in sales and marketing; please send your resumes. Please send all your communications and inquiries to support@blueskystatistics.com.