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BlueSky Statistics Modules

BlueSky Application

  • Open, browse, edit multiple datasets, create new datasets, add/remove variables, add/remove factor levels, recode, bin.... ALL via the intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Access popular statistics, machine learning, data mining, data manipulation, and exploratory data analysis functions.
  • Access the output of the analysis in a rich graphical user interface that supports interactive tables, copy and paste into Office applications as true tables, and export to popular formats like HTML, PDF.
  • Run R programs directly and access its output.

BlueSky R Command Editor

Users of the BlueSky Statistics application are not constrained to using the graphical user interface. The syntax editor allows users to:
  • Type in and execute R syntax directly.
  • Run R programs in automated or batch mode.
  • Inspect the R syntax that any of the functions available in BlueSky Statistics applications generate when executed.
  • Learn R programming by allowing you to not only type in R syntax but also inspect the R syntax generated by BlueSky Statistics's menus and dialog boxes.
  • Create, open and save R programs for reuse.

BlueSky Output Viewer

The BlueSky Output Viewer allows you to share the results of your analysis including graphs, tables with your peers, management team or customers who don't have the BlueSky Statistics application. This gives consumers of the analytics the rich interactivity available in the BlueSky Statistics application.

BlueSky Dialog Designer

The BlueSky Dialog designer is an application development framework that allows you to create statistical modules or functions with a rich graphical user interface and output for any existing R function in any package or any new R function or package you create.
The BlueSky Dialog designer allows you to create and save the user interface and output definition for the statistics module or function in a zipped file.