From Chicago (IL, US), we are a team of software professionals each of us with 20+ years of experience in enterprise software in various roles in development, product management, and executive ranks.

Our mission is to bring the power of statistical analysis to the masses at an affordable cost compared to the existing commercial enterprise statistics software packages. With that as our mission, we developed a rich user experience for the analysts to harness the power of R without the complexity of R. The analysts can perform their analysis and view the results within a familiar graphical user interface without any R programming skill that only be matched by the commercial enterprise statistics software vendors for a hefty price. Secondly, to continue to keep pace with the rapid algorithmic innovation of R, we developed a tool-set to create a rich graphical interface to expose any R routine in any R package either by the author of the R algorithm or by any analyst who is familiar with that R routine. With the drag and drop tool to build the GUI for any R routine by a few power users, in minutes, it benefits any and all end users of the BlueSky Statistics application. The users can start using the R algorithm within the standardized graphical user interface environment along with the fully formatted tabular and graphical output.

We highly encourage you to download the full featured BlueSky Software for 30 day free trial to try it out and let us know your feedback.

We value your feedback, and we want to make sure we continue to listen and engage with you to drive our product innovation that matters most to you.

Please write to us with questions, comments, or suggestions to We always monitor this email address and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Sincerely, we would like to thank you in advance for your time to evaluate and use our software and provide us with your valuable feedback to make the BlueSky product better for all.

BlueSky Statistics LLC
Chicago, IL