BlueSky Statistics 10.1.2 GA for Mac, requires you to first install XQuartz. Click here to download XQuartz.

For details, see the install readme for BlueSky Statistics 10.1.2 GA.

Download for v10.x
Downloads for the previous versions

Prior Releases v7.x

Download v10.1.2 (latest)
Open Source-x64 (ver7.5) BlueSky Utility

Open Source-x86 (ver7.5) Getting Started

Previous Releases v10.x
Commercial-x64 (ver7.3) Installation notes


Release Notes v10.x
Release Notes

List of all dialogs in BlueSky Statistics v10.1.2
Dialog Designer x64-x86 Coming Soon

User Guide v10 Intro Guide v10 (German)
Intro Guide v7 (German) Intro Guide v7) User's Guide v7

BlueSky Statistics v10 Intro Guide Einf├╝hrung in BlueSky Statistics v10 auf Deutsch
Einf├╝hrung in BlueSky Statistics auf Deutsch BlueSky Statistics Intro Guide BlueSky Statistics User Guide


Book by Robert Hoyt and Robert Muenchen Book by Robert Hoyt and Robert Muenchen Book by Iasonas Lamprianou