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Open Source Edition (Free)

Fully featured analytical workbench that provides :

  • An intuitive graphical user interface, attractive interactive output for over 100 frequently used exploratory analysis, data preparation, visualization and basic modeling techniques.
  • Automatic R syntax generation for over 100 frequently used exploratory analysis, data preparation, visualization and basic modeling techniques.
  • R syntax editor that allows you to write and execute R code and see the output
  • Save and share output in PDF, HTML
  • Technical support is available via community forums.

License : AGPL 3.0
Source Code Repository :
GitHub Link

Commercial Edition

All the capabilities in the open source edition plus :

  • Advanced modeling and machine learning
  • A dialog builder application that allows you to build a rich graphical user interface and attractive output for any R function in any R package
  • Access to priority support, 8 hr response time during business hours

Description of capabilities

Open Source Edition(Free)

Commercial Edition

Exploratory Analysis
Analysis of missing values
Summary Statistics of all Variables
Summary Statistics by variable
Summary Statistics by Group
Numerical Statistical Analysis
Stem and Leaf Plot
Plot of Means
Strip Plot
3D Scatterplot
Bar graph
Density plot
Density Counts
Scatter plot
Scatter plot from Cars
Boxplot (Lists outliers)
Facets for scatter plot, box plot, bar graph, density plot
Geographical Maps
Data preparation
Remove missing values
Reload Dataset from File
Refresh grid
Standardize variables
Merge datasets
Hypothesis Tests
Correlation Test
Correlation Matrix
Shapiro Wilk Normality Test
Multi-variable One Sample T.test
Independent Samples T.test
Independent Samples T.test by factor
Paired T-test
One way Anova
Multi-way ANOVA
Two variance F-test
Bartlett's Test
Levene Test
Non-Parametric Test
2 Sample Wolcoxon Test
Paired WilCoxon Test
Friedman Test
Kruskal Wallis test
Tables and reporting
Contingency Tables
2-way Crosstab
Multi-way Crosstab
Modeling and machine learning
Basic Modeling
Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
Cluster Analysis
Kmeans Clustering
Hierarchical clustering
Advanced Modeling
Generalized linear models
Multinomial Logit modeling
Ordinal Regression
Set Contrasts
Display Contrasts
Factor Analysis
Factor Analysis
Principal component Analysis
Machine Learning
Decision Trees
Plot time series
Exponential smoothing
Holt-winters Seasonal
ARIMA models
General capabilities
Richly formatted tabular output and output window that aggregates results from multiple analysis
Export output to PDF
Export output to HTML
Copy and paste tabular output to Excel
Opening files in Different formats (Excel, CSV, SPSS, text, dat, SAS...)
Converting from one file format to another
The ability to split datasets
Create new dialogs and output for any function in any R package using dialog editor. Install new dialogs.
Display the R syntax associated with available analytical functions
Run R syntax
Batch Mode