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Our mission is to bring the power and innovation in the R open source project to the fingertips of analyst community by

  1. Making R accessible through a familiar rich graphical user interface and user paradigms available in propriety Statistical applications that the analyst community is trained on.
  2. Delivering the de-facto application platform for analysts and R programmers to deploy and share their analytics with a broader audience
  3. Very attractive commercial pricing that makes it easy to deploy BlueSky Statistics to complement propriety statistical applications or to perform phased migrations.

The team at BlueSky Statistics is very passionate about working with customers to create compelling product offerings. We are a small team based in Chicago are very interested in talking to potential customers, technology partners, R trainers and re-sellers. The team has extensive experience creating innovative products in the content management and predictive analytics space and have worked with leading companies like SPSS and iManage.

We also have openings in sales and marketing, please send your resumes to suppport@blueskystatistics.com.