Fully featured Statistics application and development framework built on the open source R project
Provides familiar powerful user interface available in mainstream statistical applications like SPSS, SAS etc.

Unlocks the power of R for the analyst community by providing a rich GUI and output for several popular statistics, data mining, data manipulation and graphics commands, all out of the box...

Provide a rich development framework for developing and deploying new statistical modules, applications or functions with rich graphical user interfaces and output, all through intuitive drag and drop user interfaces (No programming required).

BlueSky Statistics is built for
Professors and students who want to migrate from propriety statistical applications to R.
Ease the R learning curve.
Students in advanced degrees who want to avail cutting edge analytics available in R.

Organizations who use a small subset of the functions available in propriety statistical solutions and are fed-up with the high costs.
Sophisticated analysts who want to avail cutting edge analytics available in R.

R Programmers:
Programmers who have analysis with variable inputs that is run very frequently and will be more efficient with this input parameterized via a GUI.
Want the efficiency of a GUI for exploratory analysis.

For sophisticated users, BlueSky Statistics provides a rich application development framework that can be used to design new modules or new statistical functions with intuitive drag and drop interfaces. In a couple of clicks these modules can be installed in the BlueSky Statistics application or distributed to a colleague empowering both the author and the consumer.
Our goal is to create a marketplace where users can share their analytical functions and modules efficiently.