New!    BlueSky Statistics 10.3.1 (GA) for Windows and Mac is now available for download (see the Release Notes)
With your support, we have achieved a significant milestone - the application is now used across 130+ countries globally!

BlueSky Statistics is now the world’s first free and open sourced fully featured statistics and machine learning application that incorporates comprehensive Six Sigma and DoE (Design of Experiments) capabilities ( see details ).

This new version of BlueSky Statistics supports professionals who are active in Six Sigma practices, Industry 4.0, and Quality 4.0 by combining advanced statistics, six sigma, DoE, machine learning, and AI capabilities, all accessible through an intuitive and easy-to-use application.

“We've confirmed that Blue Sky Statistics Version 10 is suitable for process improvement work typically done by Lean Six Sigma Belts, including advanced work done by Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts.” - Stephen Czupryna, Pyzdek Six Sigma Training Institute

“Over the past 20 years, I have trained and certified thousands of Lean Six Sigma Green, Black, and Master Black Belts and taught many Lean Six Sigma classes at various universities and organizations. My teachings have recently included no-code machine learning and AI techniques, which is the evolution of Six Sigma. My collaboration with BlueSky Statistics to develop Six Sigma capabilities started in 2021 with the goal of adding all of the Six Sigma analysis features required to make BlueSky Statistics the application of choice for all Six Sigma practitioners, from beginners to advanced practitioners. This new release of BlueSky Statistics offers an exciting analysis option for students and professionals who have no desire to purchase expensive Six Sigma software (such as Minitab™, JMP™ from SAS™, and others) since all of these capabilities are already included in BlueSky Statistics” - David Patrishkoff, President – E3 – Extreme Enterprise Efficiency

"...Bluesky efficiently combines the easy-to-use interface of SPSS (even easier than SPSS) with the power of R. I have officially adopted Bluesky as our "official" software!! Congratulation to the Bluesky programming team, and thank you very much for the outstanding work!"
-Rafael Herling Lambertucci, Professor, Biostatistics, Federal University, Sao Paulo, Brazil

"...I have been a user of SPSS since 1980 and I have found BlueSky to be more powerful and very easy to use. Also, I have a Mac with the M1 chipset and I had no problems in running the software."
-Frank Castronova, faculty- Wayne State University, USA

"BlueSky is an excellent software for statistical analysis, easy to use, with a lot of function."
-Luca Bertolaccini from IEO, European Institute of Oncology IRCCS, Italy

"In my opinion, BlueSky is in this moment the best R-GUI, and the new 10 GA version confirms this assessment..."
-Prof. Luis Lizasoain Hernandez, Univ. of Basque, Spain

"Comprehensive and easy to use package that gives access to R in a really user-friendly way. Highly recommended..."
-Steve Percival, Ecologist, UK

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Fully featured Statistics application and development framework built on the open source R project
This R GUI provides familiar powerful user interface available in mainstream statistical applications like SPSS, SAS etc.

Unlocks the power of R for the analyst community by providing a rich GUI and output for several popular statistics, data mining, data manipulation and graphics commands, all out of the box...

Provides a rich development framework for developing and deploying new statistical modules, applications or functions with rich graphical user interfaces and output, all through intuitive drag and drop user interfaces (No programming required).

BlueSky Statistics can help you
  • Migrate from expensive propriety statistical applications to R.

  • Ease the R learning curve.

  • Use the cutting edge analytics available in R without having to learn programming.

  • Get results in true word processing tables automatically.

  • Quickly add your own menus and dialog boxes to any R functions.

For sophisticated users, BlueSky Statistics provides a rich application development framework that can be used to design new modules or new statistical functions with intuitive drag and drop interfaces. In a couple of clicks these modules can be installed in the BlueSky Statistics application or distributed to a colleague empowering both the author and the consumer.

Our goal is to create a marketplace where users can share their analytical functions and modules efficiently.