Download BlueSky Statistics 10.2.0 for Mac (Intel)

Download BlueSky Statistics 10.2.0 for Mac(Intel)

Download the software by filling out the following form so that we can inform you of defects and updates. Do not forget to click the "Submit" button.
As soon as you click "Submit" you will be redirected to a page with the download link.

BlueSky Statistics 10.2.0 for Mac, requires XQuartz. Click here to download XQuartz. (If you upgrading BlueSky Statistics and already have XQuartz, no need to reinstall).
For details, see the install readme for BlueSky Statistics 10.2.0.

In addition, BlueSky Statistics for Mac with M1 chipset requires Rosetta. When you install BlueSky Statistics on a Mac with a M1 chipset, it will prompt you to install Rosetta. You need to install Rosetta on your Mac with M1 chipset (see Apple Support for additional details).

NOTE: You can determine your chipset by clicking on the Apple icon on the top left of your screen and selecting About This Mac. Look at the entry for Processor.

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